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The energy transition is intended to fundamentally change the global energy supply: Away from nuclear and

fossil fuels, toward renewable energies. The goal is to break away from fossil fuels. The German Government, for example,

has set the course for the accelerated expansion of renewable energies.



I have invented a decentralized wind power station for urban areas. The system is a wind turbine that can be mounted on a vertical corner of a building. It is modular and scalable. The special location of the turbine and its construction allows wind to be concentrated at the rotors, which increases the power yield significantly. With the higher energy density of wind,

electricity can thus also be generated profitably in cities.

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Vertical turbines on the edges of the building capture the wind and thus form a decentralized energy supply for the building. The turbines can be installed on top of each other as required and operated individually or together.

Adjustable screens around the rotor allow the energy production to be adapted to the prevailing wind conditions.

Alternatively to the adjustable screens, a hollow cylinder with two elongated holes can be provided, which encloses the rotor. The hollow cylinder is rotated around the rotor depending on the prevailing wind conditions. The elongated holes can be separately closed or opened (publication in Geneva: 26/04/2023).

For a special purpose, the turbines can also form a wind chamber in which the screens are completely closed and thus driven by the rising air. This corresponds entirely to the principle of the chimney effect.


Show and Functional Model presented on the



APRIL 2023              




Fundamental Goals

Any invention is only as good as its economic value, technical feasibility and its acceptance by the market.


All are ensured,

right in time due energy transition and technical simplicity.

Link: BMWK

Link: Report


Parameter Studies

One of the parameter studies that validate the many-way advantageous

decentralized wind power station. Both small and big version

were analysed, with and without the screens.


Not just the building shape itself enhances the rotation

speed of the rotor, but the claimed moveable screens also,

shown in the video below.

The position of the screens define the wind-attack surface of the rotor.

In order to achieve the highest speed and thus generate a higher electrical output, only the rotor blade running to the rear shall be exposed to air incidence.


Using a Darrieus rotor instead of the Savonius rotor is not a solution, as it does not provide the desired performance characteristics.

Closed Screens Configuration

In the configuration of a fully shielded wind turbine, the system

is protected from extreme environmental conditions.

In the outer area of the rotor blade a protruding lip can be provided (cf. DE102019212374 B3). It may be made of silicone or rubber or the like flexible material. It improves the acoustic characteristics

by causing micro-turbulences and a mechanical

protection against injury is ensured.



Proof of Concept - the Result

Parameter studies: incident wind angle, rpm, size, position and mounting-type

Gain of Speed and Speed Control

Speed gain and speed control due to the anyway existing building shape and movable screens. This is one of the most essential advantages - enhancing the wind energy density. Depending on prevailing wind speeds or optimum operating point at electrical load, the maximum efficiency of the generator can be achieved.
So, the characteristic power curve is considered anytime.

The generator is preferably integrated in the axis.

In operation the screens are almost non-visible. 


2nd Approach

In conjunction with a wind chamber that heats air by sunlight, the turbines

can also be driven by rising air. In this case, the screens are completely

closed so that the air flows upward in a kind of chimney. Due to the helix

shape and special pivoting flaps on the rotors, it comes to a rotary motion.

In this way, the energy canalternatively obtained indirectly by sunlight.

Due to the scalable and modular design, energy production can be

increased significantly.

A discus-like body can also be installed horizontally on the top of the

arrangement creating a negative pressure at horizontal windwhich

additionally causes a higher suction effect through the tube.

This second approach is applicable in warmer countries.

For example, for integration into a skyscreaper.



DE102020000063 B4

US 11,313,347 B2

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