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A roof cargo box system for transporting an article on a vehicle includes a roof cargo box and a roof cargo box carrier for mounting on a vehicle. The box includes a flexible shell for accommodating the article to be transported. The roof cargo box defines a longitudinal axis and has at least three frames which extend in respective planes transversely to the longitudinal axis. The frames are configured to receive the flexible shells spanned thereon. A scissors mechanism pulls the frames into a predetermined spaced relationship to each other along the longitudinal axis.

The roof cargo box can be expanded and compressed, so that the box itself becomes a suitcase.


DE 10 2020 004 864 B4, claims [EN] (machine translated):

1. Roof box (105) for mounting on a vehicle (115), wherein the roof box (105) comprises:

- a flexible shell (210) to hold an object to be transported (120);

- a longitudinal axis (205);

- at least three frames (215), each extending in a plane perpendicular to the longitudinal axis (205),

- where the frames (215) are designed to clamp the sheath (210) transversely to the longitudinal axis (205); and

- a scissor mechanism (220), to keep the frames (215) along the longitudinal axis (205) in predetermined distance ratios from each other.


6. Roof rack (110) for attaching a roof box (105) to a vehicle (115), wherein the roof rack (110) comprises:

- a first fastening device (505) for attachment to the vehicle (115);

- a second fastening device (510).


Multi-functional approach that
leads to the solution:



In work


DE 10 2020 004 864 B4

US 11,760,270 B2

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