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Every windsurf board can be motorized, specialized.

Adapt to your board a modular and scalable JetEngine as plug and play device. Or adapt it to your hydrofoil.

For that, replace your fin of the board by the JetEngine with its standardized deep tuttle box mounting.

The electrical power is sourced by a power box installed on the board or integrated in the board.


The JetEngine is of scalable and modular design, available as

single variant,

double variant,

windsurf board affixing or

windsurf hydrofoil affixing.

Addicted to Water & Air

To meet your needs, my self-defined requirements:

The system shall be of modular design.

The system shall be scalable.

The system shall be adaptable to a conventional windsurf board without the
need of modifying it.

The system shall be mountable to a windsurf board within 1 minute.

The system shall be safe in terms of human-body mechanical protection.

The system shall be safe in terms of human-body electrical protection.

The gliding performance of the system shall correspond to hydrofoiling speed range.

The system shall provide an electric motor with a maximum power load of 1kW.

The mass of the system shall not exceed 5000 gramms.

The system dimensions shall be maximum 600/500/160 mm (L/W/H).

The system shall withstand forces comparable to the kinematics of hydrofoiling.

The system shall provide a direct-driven propulsion to minimize maintenance.

In any operation use-case, the system shall be waterproof.

The engine of the system shall be thermally coupled to the ambient water.

...ok, and it shall look impressive.

Implemented and validated.

Windsurf-hydrofoil affixing

​Adapt the JetEngine to a conventional hydrofoil without

the need of modifying it or having performance

limitations at foiling.

The cables can be installed within the continuous cast

profile or externally in an extra streamlined

thin profile. It`s up to you.

Power & Control Unit

A powerful power-source for the single-variant.

Take two for the double-variant or request one big.

High safety requirements are implemented, e.g. in terms

of roboustness, easy usability and water proofness.

Remote Control

Remote Control

(Photo taken after measuring the peak power load at

maximal static thust of the JetEngine)