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Solar panel station for the garden or balcony. Freestanding.

The advantages when used on the balcony are clear - no mounting on the balcony railing,

no permission for installation needed.



The two-axis solar panel construction is foldable priminary to

prevail wind conditions, to

optimize the angle for incident sunlight and

gain height.

The solid construction is designed to withstand severe weather conditions and a long product life is ensured.


The two gas springs are optimized both in their force and in their installation position so that the system folds automatically in a given wind situation.

It's cool to have a nearly self-sufficient power supply at home.

Except heavy-current devices, the power supply is provided by the solar system. Accumulators store electricity to be independent of the grid.

3x120Wp + 2x100Wp @19,8 V_max_power

My electricity consumption of a 2-person household

(solar panel power not included).



One of the 220V/AC moveable power boxes with its

12V/150Ah rechargeable battery.

P9081561 Kopie_1.jpg
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